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:iconshana340:shana340 posted a status
Fun Fact: I currently have 6 sketchbooks. Four big sketch books and 2 small ones and I have named all of em!
First big Sketch book: Elliot (Because he's hard to find in my backpack, I lose him all the time, and I really like to say "Goddammit Elliot!) Status: Mostly filled and kind of wrinkled up.
Second big Sketch book: Baby (Because it is my baby and I value it so much!!!! XD) Status: Pretty good condition except for the coffee spill. Just started.
Third big Sketch book: John (Named after someone who is really important to me and I really care about.) Status: Perfect not even touched yet
Fourth big Sketch book: Nova (I don't really need an explanation..) Status: Perfect condition not touched yet.
First small Sketch book: Fergus (I just like that name I don't know...) Mostly filled 
Second Small Sketch book: Ace (Just like that name...) Status: Perfect condition not touched.

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LeaHowlett Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my god, why have I never thought of naming my sketchbooks?! That's adorable! X'D
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