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 tagged by: :iconendergirl260:

Rules :

1. Must copy rules (Yes cuz y not.)
2. Write 8 facts about your OC.
3. Tag 3 deviants (It's okay if you want to tag less than 3)
4. Answer 9 questions within 6 days if you don't want to obey my one order

1. If become met your favourite YouTuber what do you do? 

Cry,hyperventilate, then die.

2. Bisexual, Pansexual or Asexual?

I have no freaking idea what I am. I don't freaking know. I like guys but I do find Charlize Theron hot and Koyuki Kato to be freaking beautiful.  I have never really thought about my sexuality that much and I don't really much care for it.

3. Favourite cartoon?

Legend Of Korra (The fight scenes are so freaking awesome!! Especially the final Chapters!)

4. If you can have everything on your birthday what could it be?

A Wacom Tablet. And to meet my favorite artists and actors or singers!

5. Favourite Anime or Manga?

Anime:*cough* Shakugan No Shana *cough* *cough* Where I got my user name from! *cough* *cough* Manga: I don't read manga that much anymore... but in middle school it was Naruto... (Freaking Naruto Amvs and angst..)

6. Have anybody or anyone call you with various names?

Shorty (I'm under 5'0 foot... and I'm 21 years old... fuck mehhhhh...), Little Girl, Loser (Playful manner), Turd, Pervert (And Proud!!!!), Eug (Short for my real name only really close friends call me that.)

7. Your Intro? (Like Top of to the morning t'ya laddies!).

"Yoooo! Wazuuuuuuuuuup?!" 

8. Awesome moment that happened to your life?

Does becoming an absolute killing machine in a video game count?

9. And to end these questions, what are your thoughts about this quiz?

It was fun thank you for tagging me!
So if you guys haven't known yet. I am going into hiatus for now, I don't know when I will be back, but I do know that when I do, my art art would evolve to a new level. I am not putting the pencil or pens down, because I am taking proper art classes that will help me improve skills. I am busy too though, from work and trying to manage my personal life, so it's hard to get back on here and take time to draw on tablet. I am testing out different mediums and am always learning new techniques that really amaze me. Even though work and school have been tiring, I am happy that I am learning something from both. Work has been helping me open up more and made me more extroverted. The art classes have been really helpful and it has been making me think outside of the box more than before, and it's really enjoyable. It's been pretty crazy since I have moved out all on my own and I hope to keep on trying to change myself as a person and an artist. Thank you guys so much for admiring my works and being very supportive for me. I don't know any other way of repaying you guys other than to create more art. This isn't a goodbye, cause I am going to return to this site again someday. There might be a few works that I post up randomly out of nowhere, but other then that don't expect too much from me in a while. So I guess that is all I have to tell you guys. Thank you so much for everything, and I will see you again sometime.
       Post I made for Tumblr, the website just really REALLY gets to me. Thought you guys should know about it too. It's not towards you guys though cause this community has been so great as far as I have seen.
  • I am a human being. I do get angry, I have my own personal life and there are times where I may upset you guys by the way I talk to you. Like if I answered your question that may seem like I am absolutely annoyed or I acted very rude to the way I answered an innocent question. I can’t be a nice person all the time. It’s just so condescending and I feel like I am lying to myself when I try to answer stuff in a very kind manner rather than express my how I fully feel. I am not like Mark or Jack that has such patience for everyone. I am different from them because that’s the just the way I am. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you guys, because I do. I do all the frigging time I worry about what if you guys all just leave? I try to draw every single day and submit something for you guys to see every single day. Not many artists do that. I stay up so late and I force myself to paint something for you guys and I have a job now. It’s going to be harder for me to post or draw anything now because the job I have right now really drains all the energy from me.
  • With that being said, here’s what you need to know that about the Youtube Comic… and how I feel about it. As much as I love the whole story of beginning to end, I don’t think I can actually keep doing it, because 1) I don’t get paid for drawing. This is a real big issue for me, because I am frigging 20 years old and have not been able to see any sort of sign of success at all towards it in money wise and in art wise. It’s not that big and there are way too many flaws in it that I feel needs to be discontinued. For example sure I have a story and have the whole characters designed, the big missing thing that is missing in the story is the world. There is no environment in it and because I can’t draw backgrounds it can makes the Youtube comic seem small and dull. There is no world in that comic. Without actual art classes that can somehow improve my skills my work in total seems to be…. empty. cause I can’t paint certain things yet. 2) There are few people who can just freaking sky-rocket in the art world and I ain’t one of those. Why? Because most of them had actual classes . I never had the chance to have art classes that can help me improve my drawing skills and most great artists online to be honest, aren’t that great of teachers. They don’t properly explain the why. I have worked so freaking hard in trying to see what key component that is missing in my works and I just can’t see it. I don’t want it to take like over half of my life to finally be able to reach the level where I want it to be, because I need to see something, some sort of sign that or a hint of that I am getting closer not by just some freaking centimeter. I need more than that. The comic is going to continue for now, because I want to share the story with you, but I know there is going to be a time that I will just not come back to it for a very long time.
Saw a couple of other people doing it so I wanted to try it out. If you don't know how this works. You just ask a question to my characters and I draw them responding to that question you asked them. I think this will be fun so go ahead and ask away!!! This can keep me busy and give me some more practice drawing and stuff! ^_^
You guys already know how much I love my OTP here, but I do realize that a way I can spread myself out more is to draw fan art of people in tv shows, youtubers, gamers, etc., and its hard for me to say this but I am not going to be uploading drawings of my OTP anymore, because from what I have learned from my experience on deviantart and tumblr so far is that in my status right now, OCS don't get that much recognition. When I started deviantart all I drew was these two and it made me happy of course but it made me sad to see that not many really showed much attention toward them. I am still drawing them but I am just no longer posting it on tumblr or deviantart. Tumblr was really harsh and I hate that website alot, because before I drew jacksepticeye and other fanart, my Kana drawings made me lose so many followers, to the point I was left with only 6. My OCS were the only things I wanted to draw I was ready to give up on drawing at that time but I gained confidence again when I started to draw fanart. It just really pisses me off that this is how art works. You have to draw fan art of others before your own original character can be valued. It really hurts to see that my pairing doesn't get enough love because they aren't really famous or anything.
So... Right now even though I am happy that I am able to draw alot of stuff so far, I am running out of time. I actually legitimately need to make money. I opened up commissions and I think I am going to start up my patreon. I don't know if I can keep drawing right now because so far everything I have done so far is request and free. I want to make a living out of what I love to do but I don't think I can by the looks of it. My mother has given me a decision if I can't get any money from this by the end of summer, everything is over. I am out, no support from anyone at all. I'm on my own. 
    My mom always asks me "Why do you draw? You can't make a living through drawing. You should stop drawing." I would give her the big middle finger, but I told her straight up that the whole reason why I draw is because drawing is the only thing that can make me happy now and it's the only thing that I have left that can make feel that I am somebody. My brother and sister are academically intelligent, while I am just average. I was never really able to meet my parents' expectations and I kind of stopped trying to. I knew that I wasn't ever gonna reach that straight A student and so far the only thing that I had that my brother and sister didn't have was drawing. Drawing also helped me through tougher times, when I draw, I kind of go into my own world, a place to escape in my mind of all the stupid drama I have to deal with. Sometimes I do forget that I should draw whatever I like rather than focus on the views and the watchers, but I do my best to focus on what I want to be seen on paper. Of course my mom doesn't exactly understand how important creating artworks is to me. I am not going to stop drawing from now on, I'll keep drawing and creating the stuff that I want to do. 
  • Listening to: Always Coming Back by One Ok Rock
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  • Eating: Cup of Noodles (college life man...)
  • Drinking: Water
  Hey guys I just opened my society6 store and now you guys can get the following as prints, ipod skins, iphone cases, etc! Some the aren't prepared yet so I will let you know which ones can be what ahead of time! Also I am really nervous about doing all this so I don't know if I am going to like this.

  Link to the store is on my profile page or here:
Jack Sketch of the Day 8 by shana340 
Jacksepticeye Glasses (also has my signature by accident lol...): Print, stationary card, Iphone and Ipod case, Iphone and Ipod skins

The King Of FNAF and Squirrels by shana340
Markiplier King Of FNAF: Print, stationary card, Iphone and Ipod case, Iphone and Ipod skins

King of Happy Wheels by shana340

King of Happy Wheels: Print, stationary card, Iphone and Ipod case, Iphone and Ipod skins, T-shirt, hoodie, tank top, V-neck, long sleeve shirt, biker tanks

The Shadow of Youtube by shana340
Cryaotic: Print, stationary card, Iphone and Ipod case, Iphone and Ipod skins

The Magnificent 7 (Youtubers) by shana340
The Magnificent 7: Print, canvas
Hate by shana340

Hate: Print, stationary card, Iphone and Ipod case, Iphone and Ipod skins
Big Sam and Little Jack by shana340
Big Sam Little Jack: Print, stationary card, Iphone and Ipod case, Iphone and Ipod skins, pillows, and tote bag
Jack Sketch of the Day 3 by shana340
Jack Sketch of the Day 3: Print, stationary card, Iphone and Ipod case, Iphone and Ipod skins, pillows, and tote bag

More will be updated in the future
  • Listening to: TezaTalks In the Dark
  • Watching: Jacksepticeye Videos
  • Playing: Warframe
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 I have been thinking about that before and I came to the conclusion that after my whole Youtube comic is over, I am going to put down the pen for a while, because that comic is still a long way to finish and it's just started. I even have planned everything Youtube Experiment is not just a first chapter either! My god its only like the first book! YES THERE IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER ONE AFTER THAT! I think maximum of three... I planned everything out from start to finish! I already know how the whole thing is going to end! I didn't start this comic without a small blueprint and I am only one person so this will probably go on for quite a while unless there is some issue that prevents me from draw again (Medical issues, financial problems.... etc. The medical thing is no problem though I am perfectly healthy it's the financial stuff I am more worried about.) So that's what is going to happen once I am done with the whole comic. I am gonna take a step back, look at my works, and feel proud of what I was able to create for you guys to enjoy!
Live streaming now again. I will be drawing pretty much anything.... So join me on twitch!…
Come join my livestream! I am sketching an art trade and other stuff maybe some quick requests too! And let's have a fun time!!! 
Yes, I know you guys are probably tired of the status updates and stuff. I am going to live stream but, I want to know what would be a good time to stream for you guys, because I really would love to talk to you guys and have everyone have a good time. So if you guys tell me what time is good for you then that would be great! Also let me know if you are in Eastern or Pacific Time>
Thank you guys so much for watching my deviantart. It really blows me away that I would even get 100 watchers and I am so happy that you love my works and want to continue to see what I can create. I never thought that I would be able to reach 100 watchers at any point in time but now that I have I feel really proud of myself for being able to keep doing what I do. Of course there were times that I felt that I should the pen down and give up on my what I loved doing, but thanks to you guys I will continue to create works that you guys may enjoy. So thank you guys so much for the favorites and the comments. It really gave me a smile every single day knowing that people out there love my work. 
Yeah I am still undecided whether or not to go with the sketchy form or clean lineart form of my comics. I wanted a second person's opinion hear so please tell me what do you think is better? The sketchy way that I use for Jack's comics or the clean lineart way?
So since I can't open up Sai or anything... Ask me any questions about My OC's or general questions any art related questions you want to know!
Okay, so this morning my computer was acting funny. It was slower than usual and it began freezing up when I opened anything. So I restarted and my sister suggested that I download Advance system care and along with it i got Driver booster. It fixed the freezing problem, that was the good news. The bad news was that the Driver Booster did something to my tablet and pen settings and my audio. My headphones don't play, they onlly play on speaker. My pen was lagging and everything and there is a circle thing that was bothering my every move on the screen. Also my Paint Tool Sai brushes are now fucked up. The brush doesn't do the strokes that I want it to do. When I do the strokes its too bold and looks like shit. So I can't really draw any detailed pieces. Only sketches are what I can do for now. Even my marker settings are all wonky. The marker strokes are way to solid and doesnt even look smooth. It had the same setting as the stupid brush. So yeah I don't think I can draw anything for a while until I somehow get my computer back to when it was not being such a little bitch!
    So I wanted to ask you guys. What do you think of my characters? Do you guys like my sketches/drawings of Hana and Kai together? Or do you guys want me to go back and start drawing my older characters? That goes for the same for my humanized warframe work. I know I have only drawn the female frames on my warframe fan art, but I am still thinking about the designs for males. This is just to what most others opinions and see if I am going the right direction for my gallery. I know there are some really like Hana and Kai couple moments and stuff, but I never really know. I am just curious of what you guys are thinking so please share your opinions! It would be really helpful for me to know what I should take a break from or draw more of! Thank you!
I look back at my very old coloring and I felt disappointed in it. So I have decided to recolor some of them, newer coloring projects will come later. I am also happy of the fact that I am getting closer to 2,000 views! I will look forward to it and hope all of watchers will enjoy my work.

PLUS: I will replace my old coloring projects to the new ones! So the old coloring work will be gone!
I am back for the summer and I'm gonna color like there is no tomorrow! I will submit more colored line arts to please you! I thank my watchers and everyone who has favorited my coloring works.