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1. What program do I use?
Paint Tool Sai for sketching and painting and Adobe Photoshop Elements sometimes for backgrounds.

2.How long have I been drawing?
ALL MY LIFE! (Except for that one year break I took from high school...)

3. Do I take requests/art trades/commissions?
Unelss I am busy then yes. It takes time for to finish some but yeah I do. As of right now though I am not taking any requests. Art trades or commissions are always a yes.

4. What tablet do I use?
Wacom Bamboo Tablet Pen.

5. Who's your favorite youtuber?
Markiplier has been my favorite for a while now, which is surprising considering how I draw Jacksepticeye most of the time.

6. The next page for the Youtube comic will be updated when it is ready. Usually once a week on a Thursday, Friday, or weekend, a new page is uploaded. If it is not then that could mean 1. I am very busy with my personal life (classes, problems at home). 2. I have a lot of sketches that need to be finished. 3. I am taking alot of my time sketching and editing til I get the scene that I want. (This reason is usually the case). So please don't ask me when the next page is going to be up because it kind of makes me not want to finish the pages, so please, let me finish them at my own pace. Just because I didn't upload the newest page doesn't mean that I completely forgot it. I love this project that I created more than anything. I intend to finish it to the very end, just please give me some space and time to draw something else or to balance everything at my home.


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Rules :

1. Must copy rules (Yes cuz y not.)
2. Write 8 facts about your OC.
3. Tag 3 deviants (It's okay if you want to tag less than 3)
4. Answer 9 questions within 6 days if you don't want to obey my one order

1. If become met your favourite YouTuber what do you do? 

Cry,hyperventilate, then die.

2. Bisexual, Pansexual or Asexual?

I have no freaking idea what I am. I don't freaking know. I like guys but I do find Charlize Theron hot and Koyuki Kato to be freaking beautiful.  I have never really thought about my sexuality that much and I don't really much care for it.

3. Favourite cartoon?

Legend Of Korra (The fight scenes are so freaking awesome!! Especially the final Chapters!)

4. If you can have everything on your birthday what could it be?

A Wacom Tablet. And to meet my favorite artists and actors or singers!

5. Favourite Anime or Manga?

Anime:*cough* Shakugan No Shana *cough* *cough* Where I got my user name from! *cough* *cough* Manga: I don't read manga that much anymore... but in middle school it was Naruto... (Freaking Naruto Amvs and angst..)

6. Have anybody or anyone call you with various names?

Shorty (I'm under 5'0 foot... and I'm 21 years old... fuck mehhhhh...), Little Girl, Loser (Playful manner), Turd, Pervert (And Proud!!!!), Eug (Short for my real name only really close friends call me that.)

7. Your Intro? (Like Top of to the morning t'ya laddies!).

"Yoooo! Wazuuuuuuuuuup?!" 

8. Awesome moment that happened to your life?

Does becoming an absolute killing machine in a video game count?

9. And to end these questions, what are your thoughts about this quiz?

It was fun thank you for tagging me!

Journal History


So yes, If you have already noticed Bro has a similar hair style to my OC Kai. And like I said before, Bro is a failed experiment... let that sink in..
Sam X Tim
I'm just gonna let you figure out what these two are thinking and what is happening at the moment. Also gonna come back and re color it later because I rushed this. I had work so I wanted to be quick on this one.
Bro Joins the Fray
So Bro joins in to make the fight even. If you don't know what just happened on the bottom two panels, Bro is cracking his neck and is ready to fight. Bro doesn't use his power on people he only uses it on special powerful beings.. but he is really good in hand to hand combat.

Continuation of :

Neighboring Tim belongs to: :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:
I just realized how similar Bro and Tina are:
1. Both are like sibling figures to their Sams
2. Both comforted them with ice cream..
3.  Both have complementary color scheme... Bro has blue hair and blue clothing and gold eyes. Tina has Pink hair with combination of pink and red clothing while having green eyes.
4. Both are mostly hand to hand combat.
5. Both were confused to be possible love rivals for the Sam X Tim pairing (Bro with Sam, Tina with Tim.)
Bro and Tina
Bro reading one of Tina's fan fic and he really likes it. So this will be the start of the relationship of this pairing! How they met will be shown later..

Tiny Girl Tina belongs to: :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:
Jack and Sammy Swings
When Jack isn't busy ruling a kingdom he spends as much time as he can with Sam. They either play catch with Squishy or got to the playground have fun. Sam enjoys the swings the most and Jack pushes her every time. I just wanted some more cuteness. I got lazy on the coloring if you noticed... 
Ok I want you guys opinion this before I actually start drawing it.. I am thinking of pairing up.. Tiny Girl Tina (Yes milko Tina. Yes that one.) with Bro. I mean Sam and Bro are pretty much siblings and I do have a tendency to change the story a bit. Thinking of putting a love triangle is a little cliche. I end up redesigning Bro alot of times because it needs to look right. I also like the pink and blue go together.
Bro and Sam Ice Cream
Bro always cheers Sam up with sweets, like cookies, cakes, or ice cream and it works most of the time. He also makes some jokes too. In this scene though Sam was upset from the bullies and Bro noticed she was sad. He give her the blue hairpin in her hair and asks her to hang out with him for a bit. They both get ice cream and Sam begins to laugh at Bro's embarrassing stories. Knowing the fact that he wasn't exactly as cool as he really is at school made her giggle and Bro smiles to see her smile again.
Too much Sam X Tim... Time for some Bro X Sam shipping then! XD
Tim Braiding
At this point the two are already married and Tim offers to braid Sam's her for fun. Sam is a little worried about that because she doesn't like exposing her entire face. Tim ensures her that its going to be fun. While he braids her hair, Sam tells him that she doesn't think braids really suit her. To which he responds to her that she would never know if she tried and he finds her beautiful whatever she looked like.
I know you guys are asking where is Jack when Sam is being bullied. He runs a kingdom guys so hes kind of busy. But he can be summoned by Sam. All she needs to do is say Papa and he will appear in an instant. Thats the problem though, she doesn't ever summon him because shes worried it may bother him.
A Call For Backup
So the smol beans were just minding their own business and playing hiding seek together and all of sudden My Sam bumps into the bullies while she was trying to find a hiding spot. Once My Tim finished counting to ten, he start playing and find Smol Box Boy Tim first. While that happens Smol Bean Sam is hiding and sees My Sam a little far from them and being bullied. The three bullies play monkey in the middle with Squishy, and Sam begins to tear up. This is still the same bullies that pulled on her hair along with Billy btw. Yes they also slapped my Sam for trying to grab Squishy. I know you guys are wondering where Jack is but I should have pointed this out. Jack runs the Septic Kingdom he can be a busy man.

Bottom Sam and Tim Belong to: :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:
Genderbent Sam X Tim (Sam X Terra)
Decided to change Tim's name to Terra instead seems more suitable. Sam is a little shy boy and he still gets bullied by the guys instead of the girls. They make fun of him because he's girly and shy and weak. Sam gets better in time and Terra is strong tough little tom boy but has a sweet spot for Sam. Sorry that it took so long to draw this. I wanted to Fem! Tim to look perfect as the way I imagine her to be, but every time I did it just didn't go very well.
Q: Isn't it alittle weird that dad (Jack) is overprotective over his son (Male!Sam Genderbent universe)?

Its actually understandable. his overprotectiveness is less that fem Sam because shes a girl and she can get pregnant and giving birth will possibly kill her (because giving birth is never easy). Since he is the heir to the throne making him more important than he really is. If something were to happen say that Anti kill his only child then the Septic Kingdom would collapse and everything would be out of order. Not only that since he is a boy he can carry that Septic name with him unlike actual Sammy who doesn’t have that name and has Tim’s Name. The bigger difference between Jack’s care for Male!Sam and Fem!Sam is this: Fem!Sam could get pregnant and possibly die and miscarriages too leaving a possibility to no heir at all. Male!Tim: The only thing Jack needs to worry about is that he doesn’t stray to the wrong path or get himself freaking killed. Going bad and fuck the kingdom over. Make sure he becomes a good King and continues to carry the Septic family name (cause you know what I don’t know if it’s just me but guy turn very rebellious during puberty.) Also Jack has no need to worry about the whole baby making thing that much.
You guys seem pretty quiet lately... Its making me worry a bit.
What do you guys want me to draw now? There is still a bunch of ships that I can go back too which one? Anti Sam and Dark Tim? Tammy (Sam and Tim's child?) and Beck (Kana Child)? Kana? Or more of Sam X Tim and their fam with their second child Tom? Genderbent Sam and Tim?
Sam and Tina Small Talk
Sam's not very good at hiding her emotions... Tina wanted to know what My Sam and Tim's AU relationship is standing. I'm pretty sure she know just from My Sam's response. Wanted to draw someone else other than just the smol bean pair.

Tiny Girl Tina belongs to: :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:
Sam X Tim Sin 2
So yeah Here is a sin for ya. The reason why Sam's hair is glowing is because Tim asked her to.. and this is pretty much how they have their second child so not Tammy. Also Tim has a beard because whatever... He's older now so mehhh...
Aaaaaaaaand Feels....
So my Tim pulls Smol Box Boy away while My Sam and Eye Child Sam play with Squishy for a bit. Tim decides to ask him for this favor. He thinks Box Boy would understand because he know that their feelings towards their Sam's are the same.

Box Boy Tim on the right belongs to: :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:


Chibi Commission
Chibi will be full colored. Tell me what you want them to be doing or you just want them to be posed
Half Body/Potrait Commissions
Tell me what character you want me to draw and give me as much detail as you can about what they wear and what kind of expression do you want them to have. Let me know if you want the background to be transparent or not. 


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Sam, Healing Her Scars by Lady-Compassion   Thanks for allowing me to use your awesome color for this fractal

Also, don't worry about posting negative things when you don't feel positive...  I had to do that for a long time as a Minister's wife Wife...Now I know WHY I have huge ulcers in my tummy and panic problems  around people.  My present husband  :iconmelodiousglenndog:  Is very supporting and understands my problems.  If you ever need to  "let loose"  you can note either one of us.  He is not a Pastor (but DID study for it at Moody Bible Institute)  WE would not bombard you with unrelated Bible verses......sound OK?

Sam's Scars by shana340
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